This website is not about me, but about what I do (mhhh…i guess that makes it ¬†somewhat “about me” then anyway). Maybe you can even find some useful information here.

Somewhen in early 2002 i stumbled into Asterisk development. It wasnt my fault! I only wanted to have CAPI support for Asterisk, but unfortunately there was nobody to develop that. So i ended up developing chan_capi, the initial version 0.0.1 was released in december of 2002. And it went down from there, meaning i got involved into the whole Asterisk thing more and more.

Now i am sitting in 20k+ lines of patches and code for Asterisk called BRIstuff. The innovative name suggests that i only wanted to add BRI ISDN support to Asterisk, but today it contains a lot more “stuff”!

Somewhere I heard about this new thing called the “Internet” … and … and … then I heard that there is a new version called “Web 2.0″ and everybody is required to have something called a “Blog” and that everybody has to attract “Followers” or otherwise he will stop to exist. So, this is my attempt to not get whiped out of the universe (if such a thing exists…and we are not living on a disc world…)!