Parrot AR.Drone internals (iBreakIt…)

Now that i am done messing with the software and actually completing a few test flights, I figured it was about time to tear the drone apart. The only thing required is a tiny torx screwdriver (T6X20) which fortunately i had laying around on my desk because we use the same screws to tighten the GSM modules on to our GSM cards.

Once you remove the plastic shielding you can see the mainboard stacked on top of the navboard (which carries the ultrasonic sender/receiver). The front camera is connected with a ribbon cable coming from the right. Above that camera connector is a 7 pin USB header.

Undo 4 little screws and you can remove the navboard (which plugs into the backside of the mainboard with an 8 pin connector…probably serialish). Here you see the mainboard with the camera cable removed and the battery connector ripped out of the shell (to give some space for moving the mainboard). The mainboard has 2 on-circuit wifi antennas (ANT1 and ANT2):

This is the navboard with the ultrasonic sender/receiver pair. The “ugly padding” on the left is probably to shield the right one from receiving the “echo” through vibrations across the pcb (instead of receving the reflected signal through the air). The 8 pin connector connects to the mainboard.

The other side of the navboard:

And the other side of the mainboard:

The drone is really easy to take apart and also to re-assemble. It even does work again. ;-)